Highway Department Job Opening


The Town of Strafford is searching for an exceptional permanent, full-time Level 1 or Level 2 road crew member to join our team. Will consider winter full-time or winter on call position. Candidates must be experienced with highway equipment or comparable equipment and hold a valid CDL. Competitive salary, medical, and dental benefits. An application and job description are available upon request. Please contact Lisa Bragg at 802-765-4411 or e-mail townclerk@straffordvt.org


Please apply to the Strafford Town Office by 4 p.m., December 27, 2021, at P. O. Box 27, Strafford, VT, 05072.


Board of Selectmen

Town of Strafford

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Selectboard Meeting

January 20, 2022 6:00 PM

January 27, 2022 6:00 PM

Phone or Zoom link: contact townclerk@straffordvt.org

Draft Minutes  01 05 2022

The Selectboard meets the second and fourth Wednesday.  Meetings are at the Town Office unless otherwise noted. Agenda requests can be sent to Lisa at townclerk@straffordvt.org

Paul Kifner.jpg

The 2021 Community Building Award

created through a generous bequest from Ned Coffin

was awarded to Paul Kifner.

For those who may not know, Ned and his wife Vi made their home in Strafford in the early 1970's .  They had a deep love for the town and its beauty and a real appreciation for its people and institutions. Ned's contributions to Strafford continued after his death by funding an award to be given annually to an organization or individual who has made a meaningful contribution to our community.

Paul has played a valuable backstage role in countless community events for more than a dozen years, bringing clear sound and life to Strafford for all kinds of events, including: Town Meetings (where it is especially important to hear every speaker), Newton School’s eighth grade graduations, symposiums, weddings, talent shows, memorial services and funerals, meetings, as well as the Summer Reading series at the Town House.

This last summer, to the delight of all villagers, he arranged the Concerts on the Common once again. Somehow, sitting on the Common amongst many friends and listening to beautiful music, brought a sense of great peace and healing to us all amid the difficulties of enduring Covid.

Paul's wonderful sense of humor, unfailing courtesy and willingness to always help, with a smile for everyone, is greatly appreciated. As a deeply humble man who gives of himself time and time again, Strafford is most fortunate to enjoy his steadfast, skilled and delightful presence among us. 

Plan for the Strafford Town Meeting 2022 


To ensure a safe and successful town meeting during the COVID pandemic, the Town of Strafford will hold its 2022 Town Meeting by Australian ballot.  This means that all voters will receive a paper ballot prior to the March 1 Town Meeting date and will submit their ballots in a manner that is safe and complies with the State’s COVID precautions.   


The Australian Ballot requires specific deadlines and notifications to comply with Vermont laws.  The full timeline and up-coming deadlines are highlighted below.


Monday Jan 24

  • Candidates for elected office must submit a consent form

Wednesday Feb 9

  • Ballot must be finalized to be sent to voters

  • Post warning for the informational hearing 

Saturday Feb 19

  • Informational Hearing for voters to discuss the Articles and ask questions of Selectboard and School Board

Tuesday March 1

  • Town Meeting Day—Polling Place open for in-person voting

Many of us will be disappointed by the absence of our annual meeting and our way of doing the Town’s business.  The Selectboard is committed to making sure voters have the information they need to participate despite the restrictions.  The Town Office, the Selectboard and the School Board will work hard to provide frequent and timely updates and reminders about how the process will work, so that voters understand the Australian Ballot voting process. 


All information will be posted on the Town website, at the Town Office, Coburns and on the Strafford List Serve.  Some clarifications from the State Board of Elections will come in the coming weeks and we will update our notifications.  Please direct your questions to the Town Office and check the website for updates and answers to questions


Monday January 24, 2022 is the deadline for candidates to submit their consent forms to the Town Office.