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Strafford Selectboard Notice of Public Hearing


On the Draft Strafford Vermont Unified Bylaw And

On the Draft Strafford Flood Hazard Area Zoning Ordinance


October 14, 2023 at 1:00 PM at the Newton School

The Strafford Selectboard will hold a multipurpose public hearing on the draft Strafford Vermont Unified Bylaw and the draft Strafford Flood Hazard Area Zoning Ordinance on Saturday October 14, 2023, at 1:00 PM at the Newton School, located at 243 VT-132, South Strafford, VT 05070.


The proposed draft of the Strafford Vermont Unified Bylaw covers all of the lands in the Town of Strafford. The proposed draft of the Strafford Flood Hazard Area Zoning Ordinance covers the Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) within the Town of Strafford as mapped and published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The purpose of this hearing is to take comments from the public on both documents for consideration by the Selectboard prior to a town vote by Australian ballot. The proposed Strafford Vermont Unified Bylaw ordinance will replace the current zoning bylaw in its entirety. The proposed Strafford Flood Hazard Area Zoning Ordinance will replace the current standalone flood ordinance in its entirety. Both ordinances are meant to further the purposes of the Town Plan and 24 VSA section 4302.  Copies of both documents can be found at the Town Clerk’s office during business hours or on the town website at Comments may also be emailed to the attention of the Selectboard at


General Sections of the proposed Strafford Vermont Unified Bylaw are:


Section 1 – Authority and Purpose

Section 2 – Application of the Bylaw

Section 3 – General Regulations

Section 4 – Zoning District Regulations

Section 5 – Specific Regulations

Section 6 – Development Review

Section 7 – Subdivision Review

Section 8 – Administration, Enforcement and Appeals

Section 9 – Definitions


General Sections of the Strafford Flood Hazard Area Zoning Ordinance are:



Section 1 – Statutory Authorization and Effect

Section 2 – Purpose

Section 3 – Summary Table: Development Review in Hazard Areas

Section 4 – Flood Hazard Area Protection

Section 5 – Other Provisions

Section 6 – Administration

Section 7 – Definitions

Strafford Selectboard

The Selectboard meets the second and fourth Wednesday.  Meetings are at the Town Office unless otherwise noted. Agenda requests can be sent to Lisa at


The Town Office will be closed on Monday October 2, and October 9 for Columbus day.

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VMCTA Association's Certification Program. 

Lisa Bragg and Regina Josler completed the requirements for Certified Vermont Clerk, Cum Laude. 

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