Newton School

School Board Members

Erik Goodling, Chair

Hilary Linehan, Vice Chair

Glenn Wylie, Clerk,

Erik Reimanis, Member

Jeff Solsaa, Member


The Strafford School Board can be contacted c/o Newton School

P.O. Box 239

South Strafford, VT 05070


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Strafford is proud to call Newton "Our School."


The Newton School provides a challenging K-8 education that nurtures the whole child through an integrated core academic curriculum plus art, music, world language, theater, gardening, and community projects.

Our caring and professional educators ensure that each student is well prepared to contribute to society, reach their potential, and be successful in high school and beyond. The bonds formed during elementary school at Newton are lasting.

Newton students enjoy an atmosphere that encourages learning, fosters responsibility, and inspires personal growth. Our highly skilled teachers are committed to each and every student’s academic success and individual well-being. Team-teaching and collaboration are evident from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our small school of 120 students is intimate, supportive, and steeped in high expectations. This is why our school is among one of the highest achieving in Vermont. 

Our philosophy is to ensure that each student has the skills and knowledge needed for meaningful and joyful learning and growth throughout life, and each student understands and fulfills his or her responsibility to the school community and the rest of human society. Ultimately, we want students to be life-long learners, contribute positively to society, and realize their dreams and goals.


We welcome sharing our unique and wonderful school with you.

Greg Bagnato, Principal


As a Vermont sending town, high school students attend the designated high school, Thetford Academy in Thetford, VT.  Parents who do not believe that the designated high school adequately suits the needs of their child, may elect to petition the School Board for a waiver to attend an alternate area high school. 


Parents interested in more information about the waiver process and the associated tuition costs should contact the School Board.

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