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Elected Justices of the Peace 2022-2024

R. Curtis Albee - 765-4184

Rosalind Finn - 765-4500

Vincent Robinson - 765-4529

Sean Lewis - 765-4873

Sarah North - 765-4546

Andrew Lane - 765-4647

Shelby Coburn - 765-4051

The Vermont Justice of the Peace Guide

Revised February 2019

Vermont Secretary of States

Justices of the Peace administer oaths of office, perform marriage ceremonies and civil unions, and serve on the Board of Civil Authority.

Because the Justices of the Peace used to involve great political influence, the nominating procedure is very different from that of other town officers. Justices are nominated for office at the September political party primaries in each even-numbered year. (Independent candidates may also have their names placed on the ballot by petition.)


Justices are elected biannually on the first Tuesday in November.

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