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Emergency Services

Fire and Medical Emergencies

Dial 9-1-1


Or For Non-Emergencies

Email  Aaron Dotter

cell #857-500-7806

Law Enforcement

Ed Eastman, Constable 802-765-4083

Constable Job Description

Orange County Sheriff: 802-685-4875

Strafford Fire & Rescue

P.O. Box 208

South Strafford, VT 05070 

Upper Valley Ambulance Subscription Plan Information Feb 15, 2021

Click here

Strafford First Aid Squad (FAST)                     


Strafford Fire and Rescue Facebook page click Here.



Every house in Strafford has an Emergency 911 address.  The link to the State of Vermont E-9-1-1 is here.  The website includes FAQs for updating delivery addresses for UPS and FedEx.  Click here to update your address in search engines like Google and Bing.

911 House Numbers - Every house in Strafford should have a green 911 house number clearly visible for emergency services at the driveway entrance and other places if necessary.  

Household Emergency Preparedness Information


Jason Schumacher - Emergency Management Director                                    


If you are interested in volunteering for a disaster, please complete the Volunteer Request Form and return to the Town Office.


Emergency Management Description

The Local Emergency Management Director is responsible to ensure that the community

1) knows its vulnerabilities, hazards and threats;

2) identifies hazards within the community;

3) determines how vulnerable the community is to these hazards;

4) encourages reduction of risks and effect of these hazards; and

5) plans for any emergency by developing a Basic Emergency Operations Plan (BEOP).



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