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Administrator Brian Johnson 802-765-4514 (Thoughtful hours, please)

Strafford Zoning Ordinance (pdf)

Draft Zoning and Subdivision Regulations(pdf) as of January 20, 2012

All applications should be dropped off at the Town Clerks office with appropriate fees attached.

Applications                                               Permit Fees
Highway Access Application                    $  50 + $15 Recording Fee
Zoning Application                                    $100 + $15 Recording Fee
Zoning Variance,

     Lot Line, Conditional Use                     $150 + $15 Recording Fee                            

Minor  Subdivision                                     $300 + $15 Recording Fee                                        

Major Subdivision                                      $500 + $100/lot + $15 Recording Fee   


        The Zoning Variance Application is for variances, site plans, and lot line adjustments.

        A minor subdivision is creating 3 or fewer lots and a major subdivsion is creating 4 or more lots.            The same form is used for both types of subdivisions.   


Velco Right of Way Application and Policy

Velco Brochure



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