Energy and Climate Committee

Members :

Dorian Yates - Chair 785-4324

Doc Bagley

David Lutz

Jim Schley, Secretary

Barbara Smith

Matt Christie

Tii McLane

Susan Hodges

Jenevra Wetmore

This group can be contacted at

Meeting are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm via ZOOM. 

Electric Vehicle Presentation

Sept 23, 2021

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SECC Recording Passcode: AZW3*DiX

Tim Briglin Climate and Energy Presentation

Sept 28, 2021

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SECC Recording Passcode: ++dKs=8I

Plastics Education Meeting

November 11, 2021

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SECC Recording Passcode: X.jt6Vz#

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Our mission is to promote energy conservation and alternatives to fossil fuels in the heating/cooling of buildings, vehicles, and electricity generation. As an advisory committee to the Select Board, we offer town officials and members of other committees information on energy-related policy matters, and we provide assistance to the residents and businesses of Strafford in adopting efficient, cost-effective ways to be comfortable while reducing the negative impacts of human activities on our planet’s well being.

Strafford Energy Plan - long version

Work is being done on an "Enhanced Energy Plan" to be presented to the Planning Commission and Selectboard. 


Town Solar Array

This link allows you to see real time and historically how the array is providing renewable energy to the town, school, Barrett Hall, Library, UCS and the parsonage.

Climate Emergency FAQ link click Here.

"Frequently Asked Questions about Strafford's Climate Emergency Resolution"
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