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Whitcomb Hill

The Whitcomb Hill Scenic Overlook 


This 26.9-acre parcel was donated to the Town in 2012 by the Nye Family of Norwich, VT., with the understanding that it would be maintained for public recreational use in perpetuity.

It has impressive views of the White Mountains to the east and the Green Mountain chain to the west. The hilltop and orchard is mowed annually to preserve the views. The hilltop views are accessible from the high point on Alger Brook Road or the parking area on Furnace Flats Road. Either way the hike is about 1.3 miles.

The Alger Brook Road trail follows the ridge line through the hills to a short climb just before the summit clearing. This access has the least climbing. This trail is marked with yellow flags and paint.


The Furnace Flats access follows the town road .7 miles through open hardwoods. It then becomes a trail and climbs steeply through young pasture pine and more maples nearer the top.


A third trail leaves Tyson Bridge on rt 132 and climbs over 2 miles to the summit. This trail is also marked with yellow flags and paint.


More detailed trail maps can be found here:

Views from the top of Whitcomb Hill looking East to the White Mountain Foot Hills. 

whitcomb hill2.jpg

Views from the top looking West 

whitcomb hill3.jpg

View from the top looking South.

whitcomb hill1.jpg

Robert E Nye Jr and Frances T Nye

Whitcomb Hill Gift to the Town of Strafford. 

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